DJ Pantelis in Bahrain

Veteran Greek DJ is back at Bushido by popular demand

You’ve been on the circuit for over 20 years and started producing music at the tender age of 16. How have you seen the music and DJ scene change over the years?
Music and technology have developed so much through the years, so this has had a big impact on how DJs now operate in the digital era. The means and standards that define a DJ’s position on the global map have totally changed as a result of this.


What excites you most about the DJ scene today?
Without a doubt, what excites me is the energy and feedback I receive from each live audience. Travelling across the world also gives me an opportunity to discover new musical worlds and cultures.


What are you most proud of in your career?
Event-wise I think my favourite memory was performing to 20,000 people at Belgrade Foam Fest. It was an unforgettable experience. As a music producer though, the release of my U2 remix With or Without You and the collaboration with Goran Bregovic would be considered as key highlights for me.


What can Bahrain partygoers expect from your gig at Bushido this month?
I will be giving my all for the partygoers at Bushido to ensure an outstanding night. There are a lot of new productions which I have been working on in the studio recently and I’m particularly looking forward to presenting these exclusively for Bushido and Bahrain.


How did you find the Bahrain crowd last time?
Last time I was in Bahrain, the crowd was excellent. It always feels great when you can really connect with the audience in that way. Due to a busy schedule, I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy any of the sights of the country. However, hopefully this time around, I will have the chance to explore and enjoy the beauty of Bahrain.


How do you tailor your set to suit different crowds in different countries?
Music culture and preferences differ a little bit across the world and this variety is very good. A DJ has to know to choose the best elements and connect them for something unique. Generally, I have been characterised as an eclectic DJ and producer, which is how I manage to perform in so many countries with different musical influences.


What’s your trick to a smooth and strong song transition on the decks?
There isn’t any formula. We all have different techniques when mixing. I like to play with the emotions of the audience – it’s really magical to take them on a voyage to different destinations with your music while moving the mood up and down without losing their energy.


What or who are your biggest musical influences?
I started my DJ career in the ’80s, so I suppose it is only natural that I am influenced by music from the ’70s and ’80s. Jazz and soul were my first influences and it is only more recently that I have been inspired by electronica, new age and ethnic music.


What exciting projects are you working on?
At the moment I am working on several new songs and on different projects together with other producers. One of these will actually be called ‘Trip 2 Bahrain’ – a collaboration with DJ Albert-L, the resident DJ of Bushido!


DJ Pantelis performs in Bahrain on Friday November 27, supported by DJ Albert-L. Free entrance for ladies, BD10 for gents (get 50 percent off in advance through Together in Bahrain). Doors open from 10pm. Bushido, Seef District (1758 3555).